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arXiv       Y. L. Len, 2021, Multiparameter estimation for qubit states with collective measurements

arXiv       A. S. M. Hassan, P. S. Joag, 2021, Multipartite generalization of geometric measure of discord

arXiv       V. J. Wright, R. Kunjwal, 2021, Contextuality in composite systems

arXiv       A. Sattar Khan et al, 2021, Leggett-type N-partite scenarios for testing nonlocal realistic theory

arXiv       G. Pleasance, F. Petruccione, 2021, Pseudomode description of general open quantum system dynamics

arXiv       R. Puebla et al, 2021, Open quantum rotors: connecting correlations and physical currents

arXiv       T. B. Propp, 2021, Collective decay of uncoupled modes

arXiv       P. Solano et al, 2021, Collective directional emission from distant emitters in waveguide QED

arXiv       D. Fernandez-Fernandez, A. Gonzales-Tudela, 2021, Tunable directional emission and collective dissipation with quantum metasurfaces

PRA        A. Budini, J. P. Garrahan, 2021, A solvable class of non-Markovian quantum multipartite dynamics

arXiv       E. J. Gillis, 2021 Conserved quantities and measurements

PhilSci    S. Fortin, O. Lombardi, 2021, Entanglement and indistinguishability in a quantum ontology of properties

arXiv       J. Denis, J. Martin, 2021, Extreme depolarisation for any spin

PRL        M. J. Pacholski et al, 2021, Deconfinment of Majorana vortex modes produces a superconducting Landau level

arXiv       X. Coiteux-Roy et al, 2021, Any physical theory of Nature must be boundlessly multipartite nonlocal

arXiv       X. Coiteux-Roy et al, 2021, No bipartite-nonlocal causal theory can explain Nature's correlations

arXiv       V. V. Kornyak, 2021, Decomposition of a quantum system into subsystems in finite quantum mechanics

arXiv       P. A. Hohn et al, 2021, Quantum relativity of subsystems

arXiv       G. Pantaleoni et al, 2021, Subsystem analysis of continuous-variable resource states

arXiv       V. Sudhir et al, 2021, Unruh effect of detectors with quantized center-of-mass

PRL        B. Yan et al, 2021, Nonadiabatic phase transition with broken chiral symmetry

arXiv       V. A. Pivovarov et al, 2021, Single collective excitation of an atomic array trapped along a waveguide: a study of cooperative emission for different atomic chain configurations

arXiv       S. M. Moniri et al, 2021, Dressed energy levels in strongly interacting atoms

arXiv       Y. Hama, 2020, Quantum circuits for collective amplitude damping in two-qubit systems

Q            D. Trillo et al, 2020, Translating uncotrolled systems in time

arXiv       S. Banerjee et al, 2020, Distinguishing environment-induced non-mArkovianity from subsystem dynamics

PRA       V. Yu. Shishkov et al, 2020, Perturbation theory for Lindblad superoperators for interacting open quantum systems

arXiv       P. Deb et al, 2020, Thermalization of isolated quantum many-body system and entanglement

PRL        I. A. Luchnikov, 2020, Machine learning non-Markovian quantum dynamics

PRA       I. Saideh et al, 2020, Projection-based adiabatic elimination of bipartite open quantum systems arXiv

arXiv       S. Gudder, 2020, Parts and composites of quantum systems

arXiv       L. M. de Lepinay et al, 2020, Quantum-mechanics free subsystem with mechanical oscillators

arXiv       W. Wu, Z-Z. Zhang, 2020, Controllable dynamics of a dissipative two-level system

arXiv       D. Krause et al, 2020, The non-individuals interpretation of quantum mechanics

JPA         D. S. Bussandri et al, 2020, Sudden death of entanglement in fermionic systems under collective decoherence

arXiv       S. J . Masson et al, 2020, Many-body signatures of collective decay in atomic chains

arXiv       K. Ito, G. Watanabe, 2020, Collectively enhanced high-power and high-capacity charging of quantum batteries  via quantum heat                 engines

NJP        S. Pigeon et al, 2020, Dynamical symmetries and crossovers in a three-spin system with collective dissipation

arXiv       N. Milazzo et al, 2020, Truncated moment sequences and a solution to the channel separability problem

PA           B. A. Tay, 2020, Eigenvalues of the Liouvillians of quantum master equation for a harmonic oscillator

arXiv       S. M. Carroll, A. Singh, 2020, Quantum mereology: facotrizating Hilbert space into subsystems with quasi-classical dynamics

PRA        D. Finkelstein-Shapiro et al 2020, Adiabatic elimination and subspace evolution of open quantum systems

arXiv        R. Shaham et al, 2020, Quantum dynamics of collective spin states in a thermal gas

arXiv        R. Shuker, G. A. Koganov, 2020, Collective photon assisted dressing of atomic levels by the number N of correlated atoms

arXiv        M. Navascues et al, 2020, Entanglement marginal problems

arXiv        L. Ferialdi, A. Bassi, 2020, CSL reduction rate for rigid bodies

arXiv        Y. Cai et, al, 2020, Entanglement for any definition of two subsystems

arXiv        K. Merkel et al, 2020, Phase space theory for open quantum systems with local and collective dissipative processes

arXiv        I. D. Feranchuk et al, 2020, Radiation-induced interaction potential of two qubits strongly coupled with a quantized electromagnetic field

arXiv        Z. Huang, 2020, Non-Markovian quantum dynamics: extended correlated projection superoperators

arXiv        O. Daei et al, 2020, Optimizing quantum circuit partitioning

Symmetry  C, Fields, J. F. Glazebrook, Representing measurement as a thermodynamic symmetry breaking

arXiv        N. Stiedstal et al, 2020, Observation of collective decay dynamics of a single Rydberg superatom

arXiv        K. Seki, S. Yunoki, 2020, Thermal equilibrium emerging in a subsystem of a pure ground state by quantum entanglement

arXiv       G. Narang et al, 2020, A comparative study of system size dependence of the effect of non-unitary channels on different classes                 of quantum states

arXiv       M. L. W. Basso, J. Maziero, 2020, Complete complementarity relations for multipartite pure states

arXiv       E. Moreno-Pineda et al, 2020, Observation of cooperative electronic quantum tunneling: increasing accessible nuclear states in a                 molecular qudit

arXiv       F. Benatti et al, 2020, Bath assisted transport in a three-site spin chain: global vs local approach

PRL        C. Rylands et al 2020, Many-Body dynamical localization in a kicked Lieb-Liniger gas

arXiv       A. Konovalov, G. Morigi, 2020, Master equation for multilevel interference in a superradiant medium

arXiv       W. Klobus et al, 2020, Cooperation and dependencies in multipartite systems

arXiv       D. Farina et al, 2020, Going beyond Local and Global approaches for localized thermal dissipation

arXiv       R. Yoshii, S. Tsuchiya, 2020, Entanglement propagation in thermalization of an isolated quantum system

arXiv       A. Aljaloud et al, 2020, A quantum heat exchanger for nanotechnology

arXiv       K. Kowalski, N. P. Bauman, 2020,  Sub-system quantum dynamics using coupled cluster downfolding techniques

arXiv       W. Wang, 2020, Statistical description of interacting quantum sstems in equilibrium states

arXiv       I. Marvian, 2020, Locality and conservation laws: How, in the presence of symmetry, locality restricts realizable unitaries

arXiv      J.-H. Zhang et al, 2020, Discriminating bipartite mixed states by local operations

arXiv       P. Yuan et al, 2020, Strong quantum nonlocality without entanglement in multipartite quantum systems

arXiv       G. Amato et al, 2020, Non-interacting many-particle quantum transport between finite reservoires

arXiv       C. Dittel and G. Weihs, 2020, Complementarity between one- and two-body visibilities

arXiv       F. Dinc et al, 2020, Multi-dimensional super- and subradiance in waveguide quantum elecgtrodynamics

arXiv       N. Megier et al, 2020, The interplay between local  and non-local master equations: exact and approximated dynamics

arXiv      G. Amato et al, 2020, Quantum transport between finite reservoires

arXiv      G. Pleasance et al, 2020, Generalized theory of pseudomodes for exact descriptions of non-Markovian quantum processes

PRR      F. Dinc, A. M. Branczyk, 2020, Non-Markovian super-superradiance in a linear chain of up to 100 qubits arXiv

arXiv     C. Clear et al, 2020, Phonon-induced optical dephasing in single organic molecules

Science J. Vijayan et al, 2020, Time-resolved observation of spin-charge deconfinement in fermionic Hubbard chains

arXiv     X. Qi, D. Ranard, 2020, Emergent classicality in general multipartite  states and channels

arXiv    G. Karpat et al, 2020, Quantum synchronization of few-body systems under collective dissipation

arXiv    D. E. Bruschi et al, 2019, General solution of the time evolution of two interacting harmonic oscillators

arXiv    H. H. Segnorile et al, 2019, Adiabatic quantum decoherence in non-interacting subsystems, induced by the coupling with a common boson bath

arXiv    M. Fani, A. Dalafi, 2019, Back-action evading measurement of the collective mode of a Bose-Einstein condensate

arXiv    M. Carlesso et al, 2019, A general approach toward rotational decoherence

arXiv   J. Kattemolle, J van Wezel, 2019, System size scaling of collective dephasing

NP      R. Bouganne et al, 2019, Anomalous decay of coherence in a dissipative many-body system

arXiv   C. Jiang et al, 2019, Switchable bipartite and genuine tripartite entanglement via an optomechanical interface

arXiv   J. Li, 2019, Subsystem-based approach to scalable quantum optimal control

PRL    M.-O. Renou et al, 2019, Genuine quantum nonlocality in the Triangle network

arXiv   O. Kabernik et al, 2019, Quantum state reduction: generalized bipartitions from algebras of observables

FP      J. M. Yang, 2019, Consistent descriptions of quantum measurement

arXiv   C. Radhakrishnan et al, 2019, Quantum discord and its distribution in multipartite systems

arXiv   J. M. Yang, 2019, Quantum entanglement induced by mutual gravitational interaction

arXiv   Y. Zhang, 2019, Collective density matrix of identical multi-level atoms and application in superradiance

arXiv   S. P. Kumar, M. B. Plenio, On quantum gravity tests with composite particles

arXiv   F. M. Ciaglia et al, 2019, On the notion of composite system

arXiv   K. Sinha et al, 2019, Non-Markovian collective emission from macroscopically separated emitters

arXiv   P. Sancho, 2019, Atomic stability and the quantum mass equivalence

QST   C. Lombard Latune et al, 2019, Apparent temperature: demystifying the relation between quantum coherence, correlations and heat flow.

arXiv   A. S. Kuraptsev, I. M. Sokolov, 2019, Influence of atomic motion on the collective effects in dense and cold atomic ensembles

arXiv   D. Dubyna, W. Kuo, 2019, Inter-qubit interaction mediated by collective modes in a linear array of three-dimensional cavities

PRL   L. Chen et al, 2019, Realizing the EPR paradox using the radial position and radial momentum variables

arXiv   M. Cattaneo et al, 2019, Local vs global master equation with common and separate baths: superiority of the global approach in partial secular approximation

arXiv   C. Arenz, A. Metelmann, 2019, Emerging unitary evolutions in dissipatively coupled systems

arXiv   M. Kloc et al, 2019, Collective performance of a finite-time quantum Otto cycle

arXiv   J. Jeknić-Dugić et al, 2019, The typical Markovian processes do not support the ensemble interpretation

PRE    Y. Liu et al, 2019, Quantum gears from planar rotors

arXiv   R. Alicki, 2019, A quantum open system model of molecular battery charged by excitons

PRL    K. Ptaszynski, M. Esposito, 2019, Thermodynamics of quantum information flows arXiv

arXiv   K. Debnath et al, 2019, Collective dynamics of inhomogeneously broadened emitters coupled to an optical cavity with narrow linewidth

LP       V. I. Yukalov et al, 2019, Entanglement production by statistical operators arXiv

arXiv    F.M. D'Angelis, 2019, Decoherence and the collective effects in critical media

arXiv    X.-M. Chen, C. Wang, 2019, Unifying quantum heat transfer and superradiant signature in a nonequilibrium collective-qubit system: a polaron-transformed Redfield approach

arXiv    G. T. Genov et al, 2019, Mixed dynamical decoupling

arXiv    R. Oeckl, 2019, Born rule and Schrodinger equation froм first principles

arXiv    G. M. D'Ariano et al, 2019, Internal degrees of freedom from quantum walks without quantum coin

arXiv    D. Sokolovski, M. Pons, 2019, Collective tunnelling frequencies for strongly interacting cold atoms in a double well potential

arXiv    D. Dieks, A. Lubberdink, 2019, Identical quantum particles as distinguishable objects

arXiv     L. MAsanes et al, 2019, The measurement postulates of quantum mechanics are redundant

EPJP   S. Slaoui et al, 2019, Universal evolution of non-classical correlations due to collective spontaneous emition arXiv

arXiv    C. Fields, 2019 Decoherence as a sequence of entanglement swaps

arXiv     N. F. Johnson et al, 2019, Quantum terrorism: collective vulnerability of global quantum systems

NJP      R. S. Bennik, P. Lougovski, 2019, Quantum process identification a method for characterizing non-Markovian quantum dynamics

arXiv     R. Damari et al, 2019, Strong coupling of light to collective terahertz vibrations in organic materials

arXiv     C. Dittel et al, 2019, Wave-particle duality of many-body quantum states

NJP      P. A. Guerin et al 2019, Composition rules for quantum processes: a np-go theorem arXiv

arXiv     Kh. P. Gnatenko, 2019, Features of description of composite system's motion in twist-deformed space-time

arXiv      A. Castellini et al, 2018, Entanglement swapping by particle indistinguishability

CQG     J. Erlich, 2018, Stochastic emergent quantum gravity

PRB      M. Berta et al, 2018, Thermal states as convex combinations of matrix product states arXiv

PRA       M. Vatasescu, 2018, Non-Markovian dynamics of the electronic subsystem in a laser-driven molecule: Characterization and connections with electronic-vibrational entanglement and electronic coherence arXiv

SHPSB  M. E. Cuffaro, 2018, Information causality, the Tsirelson bound, and the 'being thus' of things

arXiv     A. Manatuly et al, 2018, Collectively-enhanced thermalization via multy-qubit collisions

FP        A. Belen Sainz, E. Wolfe, 2018, Multipartite composition of Contextuality scenarios arXiv

CQG     N. Altamirano et al, 2018, Gravity is not a pairwise local classical channel arXiv

arXiv     Z. Liu et al, 2018, Quantum gears from planar rotors

IJQF     S. Fortin, O. Lombardi, 2018, Understanding decoherence as an irreversible process,

PRA     D. Mogilevtsev et al, 2018, Restoring Heisenberg limit via collective non-Markovian dephasing arXiv

NJP     G. De Chiara et al, 2018, Reconciliation of quantum local master equations with thermodynamics arXiv

PNAS   Y. Aharonov, E. Cohen, 2018, A completely top-down hierarchical structure in quantum mechanics  arXiv

PTRSA  W.H. Zurek, 2018, Quantum reversibility is relative, or do quantum measurements reset initial conditions? arXiv

PRA     Z. Lasmar et al, 2018, On dynamical stability of composite quantum particles: when entanglement is enough and when interaction             is needed arXiv

PRA     A. Schild, 2018, Time in quantum mechanics: A fresh look at the continuity relation arXiv

arXiv     S. Halder et al, 2018, Strong quantum nonlocality without entanglement

PRA     D. V. Zhdanov et al, 2018, Friction as a consistent quantum-mechanical concept

FP         M. Noorbala, 2018, SpaceTime from Hilbert space: decompositions of Hilbert space as instances of time arXiv

PRD      H. Stoltenberg, 2018, Properties of the (un)complexity of subsystems arXiv

PRA      L. da Silva Souza et al, 2018, Completely positive maps for reduced states of indistinguishable particles arXiv

CTP     J.-Y, Du, F.-L. Zhang, 2017, Perturbative treatment for stationary state of local master equation arXiv

arXiv      S. Smale et al, 2018, Observation of a dynamical phase transition in the collective Heisenberg model

PRA       M. T. Naseem et al, 2018, Thermodynamic consistency of the optomechanical master equation arXiv

Entropy  L. Diosi, 2018, Fundamental Irreversibility: Planckian or Schrodinger-Newton? arXiv

JPA       S. Szalay, 2018, The classification of the multipartite quantum correlation arXiv

PRSA    R. Reuvers, 2018, An algorithm to explore entanglement in small systems

BJP       A. J. Majarshin, H. Sabri, 2018, Well-known distinctive signatures of quantum phase transition in shape coexistence configuration                 of nuclei

    F. A. Calderon-Vargas, J. P. Kestner, 2018, Entanglement dynamics of two Ising-coupled qubits with non-perpendicular local driving fields arXiv

BJP       M. Arsenijevic et al, 2018, Kraus operators for a pair of interacting qubits: a case study arXiv

NJP      T. R. de Oliveira et al, 2018, Equilibration time scales in closed many-body quantum systems arXiv

CUP      L. Diosi, 2018, How to teach and think about spontaneous wave function collapse theories: not like before arXiv

PRA      Y. Hama et al, 2018, Relaxation to negative temperatures in double domain systems

IJTP      M. Arsenijevic et al, 2018, Complete positivity on the subsystems level  arXiv

PhilSci   N. Dewar, 2018, Algebraic structuralism

PRA      M. Popovic et al, 2018, Entropy production in a controlled non-Markovian setting arXiv

PRA      L. Joseph, A. Shaji, 2018, The reference system and the not completely positive open quantum dynamics arXiv

SHPSB     J. Bub, 2018, In defense of "single-world" interpretation of quantum mechanics arXiv

PTRSA     S. Popescu et al 2018, Quantum reference frames and their applications to thermodynamics arXiv

MPLB    Y. Kondo, M. Matsuzaki, 2018, Study of open systems with molecules in isotropic liquids arXiv

PRA      S. H. Raja et al, 2018, Thermodynamic fingerprints of non-Markovianity in a system of couple superconducting qubits

arXiv      G. Chiribella, 2018, Agents, subsystems, and the conservation of information

arXiv      M. Kliesch, A. Riera, 2018, Properties of thermal quantum states: Locality of temperature, decay of correlations, and more

PRL      J. Kumlin, S. Hofferberth, H. P. Buchler, 2018, Emergent universal dynamics for an atomic cloud coupled to an optical waveguide arXiv

arXiv      R.S. Bennink, P. Lougovski, 2018, Quantum process identification: A method for characterizing non-Markovian quantum dynamics

arXiv      N. Yu et al, 2018, A new class of criteria for tripartite marginal problem

PRL       A. Vocheyer et al, 2018, Light-mediated collective atomic motion in a hybrid atom-optomechanical system arXiv

Science B. Rauer et al, 2018, Recurrences in an isolated quantum many-body system

EPJD      G. Tastevin, F Laloe, 2018, Surrealistic Bohmian trajectories do not occur with macroscopic pointers arXiv

PRL       D. Tamasceli et al, 2018, Non-perturbative treatment of non-Markovian dynamics of open quantum systems arXiv

PRA      O. Kabernik, 2018, Quantum coarse-graining, symmetries and reducibility of dynamics arXiv

arXiv      N. L. Harshman, 2018, Symmetry, structure and emergent subsystems

arXiv      D. Park, 2018, Dynamics of entanglement and uncertainty relation in coupled harmonic oscillator system: Exact results

arXiv       M. G. M. Moreno, F. Parisio, 2018, All bipartitions of arbitrary Dicke states

arXiv      P. Chattopadhyay et al, 2017, Probing uncertainty relations in non-commutative space

arXiv      C. Ottavani et al, 2017, Multipartite entanglement swapping and mechanical cluster states

arXiv      M. Malinowski et al, 2017, Probing the limits of correlations in an indivisible quantum system

arXiv       X. Dong, L. Zhou 2017, Quantum state complexity and the thermodynamic arrow of time

PRA       G. Pleasance, B. M. Garraway, 2017, Application of quantum Darwinism to a structured environment

arXiv       X.-K. Guo, 2017, S-Matrix interpretation of the categorical quantum mechanics

GRG      J. K. Korbicz, J. Tuziemski, 2017, Information transfer during the universal gravitational decoherence arXiv

arXiv       E. Nelson, C. J. Riedel, 2017, Classical branches and entanglement structure in the wave function of cosmological fluctuations

PRA        M. E. S. Andersen, N. Harshman, N. T. Zinner, 2017, The Goldilocks model of separable, zero-range, sew-body interactions in one-dimensional harmonic traps arXiv

PRX        N. Harshman et al, 2017, Integrable families of hard-core particles with unequal masses in a one-dimensional harmonic trap arXiv

PRL       C. C. Rusconi et al, 2017, Quantum spin stabilized magnetic levitation arXiv

PRA      F. M. Souza, L. Sanz, 2017, Lindblad formalism based on fermion-to-qubit mapping for non-equilibrium open-quantum systems arXiv

QIP        X.-N. Zhu et al, 2017, Monogamy relations of concurrence for any dimensional quantum systems arXiv

PRA       J. K. Korbicz, E. A. Aguilar, P. Cwiklinski, P. Horodecki, 2017, Do objective results typically appear in quantum measurements? arXiv

arXiv      G. Gour, Y. Guo, 2017, Monogamy of entanglement without inequalities

NJP       X. Oriols, D. Tena, A. Benseny, 2017, Natural classical limit for the center of mass os many-particle quantum systems arXiv

Psa       T. W. Barrett, 2017, What do symmetries tell us about structure?

PRA       A. Kumar, 2017, Multiparty operational quantum mutual information arXiv

PRA      W. Myrvold, 2017, Relativistic dynamical collapse must employ non-standard degrees of freedom arXiv

PRL       B. Dakic, M. Radonjic, 2017, Macroscopic superpositions as quantum ground states arXiv

PRA       X. Kong, A. Palffy, 2017, Collective magnetic splitting in single-photon superradiance arXiv

PRL       J. G. Richens et al, 2017, Entanglement is necessary for emergent classicality in all physical theories

SR         S. Szalay et al, 2017, The correlation theory of the chemical bond arXiv

arXiv      A. Brownstein, 2017, On locality of subsystems (I,II,III)

AdP       S. Goldstein et al, 2017, MAcroscopic and Microscopic thermal equilibrium arXiv

PRL       M. Dall-Arno et al, 2017, No-hypersignaling principle arXiv

arXiv      O. Marty et al, 2017, Multiparticle entanglement criteria for nonsymmetric collective variances

PRB      F. Suzuki, M. Litinskaya, W. G. Unruch, 2017, Scattering of a composite quasiparticle by an impurity on a lattice arXiv

arXiv      J. Cormican et al, 2017, Excitation-transport in open quantum networks: The effects of configurations

PRA       I. Sperling, I. A. Walmsley, 2017, Entanglement in macroscopic systems arXiv

arXiv       Z.-A. Jia et al, 2017, The exclusivity principle determines the correlation monogamy

QIP       G. B. Furman et al, 2017, Single-spin entanglement arXiv

arXiv       M. N. Bera et al, 2017, Thermodynamics as a consequence of information conservation

PRE       D. Newman, F. Mintert, A. Nazir, 2017, Performance of a quantum heat engine at strong reservoir coupling arXiv

PRA       M. Amico et al, 2017, Tunable quantum entanglement of three qubits in a non-stationary cavity arXiv

PRA       C. Duarte et al, 2017, Emerging dynamics arising from quantum dynamics arXiv

PRA       B. Richter et al, 2017, Collective dynamics of accelerated atoms arXiv

BJP        M. Arsenijević, J. Jeknić-Dugić, M. Dugić, 2017, Generalized Kraus operators for the one-qubit depolarizing quantum channel arXiv

Nature    M. Banerjee et al, 2017, Observed quantization of anyonic heat flow

arXiv       D. Krause, 2017, Do 'classical' space and time confer identity to quantum particles?

ЈМО        A. Stokes, P. Deb, A. Beige, 2017, Using thermodynamics to identify quantum subsystems  arXiv

NJ           F. Frowis et al, 2017, Experimental certification of millions of genuinely entangled atoms in a solid arXiv

EJP         D. E. Krause, I. Lee, 2017, Relativistic coupling of internal and center of mass dynamics in classical and simple bound quantum mechanical systems arXiv

PNAS     E. Castro-Ruiz, F. Giacomini, Č. Brukner, 2017, Measuring time with physical clocks arXiv

PRL       M. Lemeshko, 2017, Quasiparticle approach to molecules interacting with quantum solvents

Optica    M. Dabrowski et al, 2017, EPR paradox in a hybrid bipartite system

arXiv       P. Glorioso, H. Liu, 2017, The second law of thermodynamics from symmetry and unitarity

SP          F. Galve et al, 2017, Microscopic description for the emergence of collective dissipation in extended quantum systems arXiv

PRA        L. Czekaj, M. Horodecki, P. Horodecki, R. Horodecki, 2017 Information Content of Elementary Systems as a Physical Principle arxiv

        M. Sonnleitner at al, 2017, Will a decaying atom feel a friction force? arXiv

IJTP       S. Khan,  M. Jan, 2017, The effect of dipole-dipole interaction on tripartite entanglement in different cavities arXiv

SHPSB  A. Grinbaum, 2017, How device-independent approaches change the meaning of Physics arXiv

PRA       V. Ceban, P. Longo, M. Macovei, 2017,  Fast phonon dynamics of a nanomechanical oscillator due to cooperative effects arXiv

arXiv        N. Toros, A. Grossardt and A. Bassi, 2017, Quantum mechanics for non-inertial observers

PhTRA     L. Kraemer, L. del Rio, 2017, Operational locality in global theories arXiv

arXiv        G. Gasbari et al, 2017, Gravity induced wave function collapse

NP           S. Putz et al, 2017, Engineering long-lived collective dark states in spin ensembles arXiv

WS          N. L. Harshman, 2017, Symmetry and natural quantum structures for three-particles in one-dimension arXiv

WS          E. Cohen. Y. Aharonov, 2017, Quantum to classical transitions via weak measurements and post-selection arXiv

WS          R. E. Kastner, 2017, Bound states as emergent quantum structures arXiv

WS          R. E. Kastner, 2017, Beyond complementarity arXiv

WS          M. Arsenijevic, J. Jeknic-Dugic, M. Dugic, 2017, A top-down versus bottom-up hidden variables description of the Stern-Gerlach experiment arXiv

WS          P. R. Holland, 2017, The quantum state as spatial displacement arXiv

WS          R. E. Kastner, J. Jeknic-Dugic, G. Jaroszkiewicz, 2017, Quantum Structures. An Introduction

PRA        X.-M. Lu, 2016, Structure of correlated initial states that guarantee completely positive reduced dynamics

       X. Su et al, 2016, Quantum entanglement swapping betwen two multipartite entangled states arXiv

NN           A. Laucht et al, 2016, A dressed spin qubit in silicon

arXiv        O. Dupius, O. Fawzi, R. Renner, 2016, Entropy accumulation

PRL         C. F. Ockeloen-Korppi et al, 2016, Quantum back action evading measurement of collective mechanical modes

QIC          G. A. Bochkin, A. L. Zenchuk, 2016, Extension of the remotely creatable region via the local unitary transformation on the receiver side arXiv

PRA         L. del Rio, A. Hutter, R. Renner, S. Wehner, 2016, Relative thermalization arxiv

arXiv        P. J. Orlando, F. A. Pollock, K. Modi, 2016, How does interference fall?

arXiv        C. Marletto, V. Vedral, 2016, Evolution without evolution, and without ambiguities

Science    M. Cetina et al, 2016, Ultrafast many-body interferometry of impurities coupled to a Fermi sea

ADP         B. Drossel, 2016, Connecting the quantum and classical worlds arXiv

PRA         M. A. Alonso et al, 2016, Center-of-mass interpretation for bipartite purity of analysis of N-party entanglement

arXiv         B. A. Foreman, 2016, Subsystems and time in quantum mechanics

NQI           W. Vinci, T. Albash, D. A. Lidar, 2016, Nested quantum annealing correction arXiv

arXiv         M. Pleinert, J. von Zanthier, G.S. Agarwal, 2016, Quantum signatures of collective behavior of coherently driven two atom system coupled to a single-mode of the electromagnetic field

PRA          A. Grossardt, On approximations for the free evolution of self-gravitating quantum particles arXiv

PRA         Q. Gulfam, Z. Ficek, 2016, Mirror and cavity formations by chains of collectively radiating atoms arXiv

PRA          D. Goldwater, M. Paternostro, P. F. Barker, 2016, Testing wave-function-collapse models using parametric heating of a trapped nanosphere

PRA          J. M. Ashby, P. D. Schwartz, M. Schlosshauer, 2016, Observation of the quantum paradox of separation of a single photon from one of its properties arXiv

SR            A. Grossart et al, 2016, Effects of Newtonian gravitational self-interaction in harmonically trapped quantum systems arXiv 

PRSA        J. Jeknić-Dugić, M. Arsenijević, M. Dugić, 2016, Dynamical emergence of Markovianity in Local Time Scheme arXiv

PRD          C. Cao, S. M. Caroll, S. Michalakis, 2016, Space from Hilbert space: Recovering geometry from bulk entanglement arXiv

IJQF           R. Gambini, J. Pullin, 2016, Event ontology in quantum mechanics and downward causation arXiv

FrP             R. Horchani, 2016, Laser cooling of internal degrees of freedom of molecules

PRA           T. A. Brun. L. Mlodinow, 2016, Decoherence by internal degrees of freedom arXiv

Math           C. Carmeli et al, 2016, Quantum incompatibility in collective measurements arXiv

Nature         F. Langer et al, 2016, Light-wave driven quasiparticle collisions on a subcycle timescale

PRA           C. Zhong, F. Robicheaux, 2016, Decoherence of the rotational degrees of freedom arXiv

arXiv           V. Vedral, 2016, The arrow of time and correlations in quantum physics

PRA           E. M. dos Santos, E. Duzzioni, 2016,  Elucidating Dicke superradiance by quantum uncertainty arXiv

PRA           F. Damanet, D. Braun, J. MArtin, 2016, Master equation for collective spontaneous emission with quantized atomic motion, arXiv

PRA           L. Mista Jr, 2016, Entanglement sharing with separable states arXiv

PRApp        R. Uzdin, 2016, Coherence recycling, collective operation, and coherence induced reversibility in quantum heat engines arXiv

PRA           B. C. Hiesmayr,  J.-A. Larsson, 2016, Contextuality and nonlocality in decaying multipartite systems arXiv

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