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Prof. Miroljub Dugić

Department of Physics
Faculty of Science

University of
34000 Kragujevac

Personal      "If this Earth is not an illusion, the human soul must be immortal." [Petar II Petrović NjegoĆĄ]
ProfessionalThe beaten paths are boring. They only lead where others have gone.
Nothing is as practical as [a good] theory. [attributable to L. Boltzmann]
Teaching: quantum mechanics, quantum information and computation, open quantum systems, symmetries and fields
General Some older stuff Recent
Newton, who else? Occurrence of decoherence
What is   'system'?
Books (in Serbian)
DISD method
Avoiding decoherence

Microparticles individuality (Entanglement suppression)
Quantum Structures of the Hydrogen Atom

Decoherence and the Planck scale
Asymptotic solutions for alternative degrees of freedom of a two-mode open system

Metatheory of consciousness
Quantum Correlations Relativity

Macromolecules conformations (Levinthal's paradox)
The Ghostly Quantum Worlds

Quantum errors need not add
QBM vs. Everett

Zero energy QI processing
A limitation of the Nakajima-Zwanzig projection method