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Composite quantum systems can be differently decomposed -- differently structured -- in to subsystems. In classical physics, such structural considerations are typically considered physically artificial--a mathematical artifact.

However, in the quantum mechanical context, the structural considerations bring some classically unknown, non-trivial observations of foundational as well as of interest for certain applications e.g. in quantum information and open quantum systems theory.

This emerging research direction is yet properly to be appreciated. Apparently simple, the basic concepts are sometimes misconstrued. Our approach to the topic can be found here.

On this page we present some basic results, some of which may be surprising. Below is a list of some recent results of our team that are corollaries of the universally valid and complete quantum mechanics.

-- Quantum Universe does not have a privileged global structure.

-- There may be the decoherence-induced classicality for more than one Universe structure -- the so-called Parallel occurrence of decoherence (POD).

-- Quantum correlations (in open or closed, finite- or infinite-dimensional systems) is structure dependent -- the so-called Quantum correlations relativity (QCR). Some consequences of QCR.

    A method for avoiding decoherence

    The environment selects a preferred structure for the open (bipartite) systems [for         some realistic models]

    Inapplicability of the modern Everett interpretation in the quantum Brownian motion

    A limitation of the Nakajima-Zwanzig projection method

   Subtleties (event the puzzles!) regarding the concept of complete positivity of the dynamical maps are easy understood by Quantum Structures

-- Separation of the quantum Universe into approximately closed systems allows for a new physical paradigm of Local Time -- the so-called Local Time Scheme.

Some mathematical aspects of QS